The Chapel

A stay in our B&B at l’Hermerel is full of surprises. It is not without pride that Lemari√© invite you to discover all the treasures of their house. The chapel in Gothic style, was dedicated to the late fifteenth century. There are beautiful sculptures appearing fresh from the Middle Age alongside bas reliefs Renaissance.

It was transformed into  a dairy in the nineteenth century,  the farmers  made here their cream and butter !!
All openings ( door and windows)  were then walled and a door allowing access to the interior. A ceiling was installed and to do that  a part of the sculptures of the nave, representing the symbols of the four evangelists were broken . However choir sculptures have been preserved.

We have been fortunate to be able to recover with the help of VMF
(Vieilles Maisons French) in 1988, the roof and masonry (indoor and outdoor) in 1991.

This chapel is now saved and waiting for you for a moment of relaxation or meditation.

chapelle toits