Le Mont Saint Michel

Situated in the borderlands between Normandy and Brittany, the abbey of Saint-Michel was one of the most legendary construction sites of the Middle Ages. This feat of monastic architecture rises up on three main levels around the Mount’s granite rock. The Romanesque crypts and nave, the Gothic choir and the Merveille staircase form a vast religious and artistic ensemble whose beauty is the measure of the importance it held throughout Christendom. At the foot of the abbey, the village of half-timbered houses is crowded inside a fortified wall, highly unusual in that it is built on sand. Emerging out of the watery bay, the monumental and picturesque Mont-Saint-Michel ranks among the most exceptional world heritage sites.

Enjoy your visit!

 Quick tips:
– In high season arrive early in the morning

– If this is really  crowdy, do not stay in the main street, go to the Abbey via stairs and passages that lie between the houses.



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